What are the top 10 examples of gambling companies promoting diversity and inclusion?
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What are the top 10 examples of gambling companies promoting diversity and inclusion?

While there isn’t an extensive list of gambling companies specifically promoting diversity and inclusion, some companies within the industry have taken steps to support these principles. Here are 10 examples of gambling companies that have made efforts in this direction:

1. Betsson Group: Betsson has committed to increasing diversity in its workforce and ensuring equal opportunities for all employees. The company actively focuses on gender diversity and has set goals to increase the representation of women in leadership positions.

2. William Hill: William Hill acknowledges the importance of inclusion and diversity within their organization. They actively work to create a diverse workforce and strive for equal opportunities and fair treatment for all employees.

3. Paddy Power Betfair: This company recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion and has implemented initiatives to ensure equal opportunities in hiring, training, career development, and promotions.

4. Kindred Group: Kindred Group has publicly expressed its commitment to diversity and inclusion. They have set targets to achieve gender balance in leadership positions and highlighted the importance of offering an inclusive workplace culture.

5. 888 Holdings: 888 Holdings recognizes the significance of diversity in enhancing overall business performance. They aim to foster an inclusive workplace, ensuring all employees are treated fairly and equally irrespective of gender, race, or background.

6. Inspired Entertainment: Inspired Entertainment promotes diversity and inclusion through its commitment to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in employment. They aim to create an environment where individuals can thrive regardless of their backgrounds.

7. Rank Group: Rank Group is committed to diversity and inclusion across their operations. They emphasize providing equal opportunities for employees and promoting a culture of openness and inclusivity.

8. Flutter Entertainment: Flutter Entertainment, the parent company of major gambling brands like Paddy Power and Betfair, recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion. They aim to create an inclusive workplace where individuals can contribute and thrive.

9. GVC Holdings: GVC Holdings is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. They have established employee resource groups focused on diverse areas such as LGBTQ+, Gender Diversity, and Women at GVC, which advocate for equal treatment and representation.

10. MGM Resorts International: While primarily a casino and entertainment company, MGM Resorts International has made significant efforts towards promoting diversity and inclusion. They strive for equal employment opportunities, including partnering with various organizations to ensure inclusivity.

It’s essential to note that diversity and inclusion initiatives can be ongoing, and the level of commitment from each company may vary. It’s advisable to review each organization’s latest reports or statements for the most up-to-date information on their diversity and inclusion efforts.

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